Did You Just Buy A Planner? Try This Instead

Most of us have a habit of carrying a planner and writing down every necessary thing in it. Why? Simply because we have so much on our plate that it is hard to remember every single thing.

If you managed to get every item on the grocery list without forgetting, you may forget to stack up the bathroom supply. And if you get that right, you may forget to get your medicines. And the list goes on like that. It is because every month we have so many responsibilities that it is only natural to slip out some.

However, it is not supposed to be this way, and I don’t mean that you are supposed to write out everything and then never forget an item. I mean you need to download WhatshalliGet app.

The app is available for both Android and iOS, and the features are simply amazing. Just download it and start exploring.

  • You can make a group with your friends or family and share necessary item lists.
  • If sometimes you feel that you only need to share something with selected people, generally you would create a new group. But, with WhatshalliGet, you can create a group inside a group, which means that you can show a particular item to selected people only.
  • To avoid confusion, the person who buys the item first can mark the status as ‘I bought.’
  • And by chance, if you are worried about the history, then WhatshalliGet doesn’t commercialize user data. As soon as you delete the item, the history is deleted from the servers.

Download the app now. 

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