Have A Bad Shopping Experience Or Build A Shopping List You Can Be Proud Of

Household shopping can ruin your mood and leave you frustrated if you have to wait in a long line for half an hour for check out.  

Around 3-4 hours of your time goes wasted on weekends because you have to go shopping. Correct me if I am wrong.

What if I say, you can easily save 2 hours of your shopping and watch that most awaited movie that is in the theater now or meet an old friend or simply use those two hours to relax at home.

All of the above is possible only if you have an excellent shopping list on your mobile (gone are the days when people used to create a shopping list on a piece of paper or notepad).

Benefits Of A Shopping List

How will you make an excellent shopping list? This question might have popped into your mind. Let me show you.

  • Divide The Items In Category

A shopping list is not limited to vegetables and fruits. There are other household items that you need on day to day basis such as bathing essentials, study desk supplies, kitchenware, baby products, stationery and many more. WhatshalliGet app has a list of categories to make your work easy. Simply choose the items from the drop-down menu in the category and your list will be ready within seconds.

  • Visit The Store Once A Week

Once your list is prepared flag the items that you buy on a weekly basis. This way one glance at the list will quickly remind you of the items you need to buy and you will never have to visit the store same week because you missed an item or two.  

  • Always Use Cloud-Based List

The good news is WhatshalliGet app has a cloud-based shopping list, meaning your husband or friend can also access the list if you share it with them. All you have to do is create a group and add them. You can also chat with your shopping companion and update the list on the go. Everything you do on the list will be visible to all the people you have shared the list with.

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