Opening a Bank Account: Here’s What You Need

When I had to open a bank account, it was a task for me because my mom worked with one of the leading banks for almost 30 years. After she had retired, I realized that I need a salary account. However, it was not as easy as I thought.

The moment you enter the bank, no one has the time to stop and tell you what to do you and how can you process your account application. If you don’t know it, your work will be delayed, and it will be hard to find someone to explain you the process.

So, to rescue everyone else, I have come up with a checklist for opening a bank account.

  • If your bank provides online form, download it and fill it
  • Take ID proof and address proof
  • You will need multiple passport size pictures
  • Remember your valid email ID and phone number
  • Never forget taking a pen whenever you go to the bank
  • Decide whether you need other add-on services
  • Decide the nominee (if any) and check if your bank needs nominee’s ID proof and details
  • Also, check the minimum account limit because you will have to provide a cheque or minimum amount in cash at the time of account opening.

Now that you are through with all the requirements, quickly open your WhatshalliGet app and add all these things to the list.

When you step out to go to the bank, swiftly check on your phone if you have taken all the necessary things. If yes, go ahead and open your bank account.

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