Went To The Market And Forgot Purchasing Necessary Items?

Just today morning, I was getting bored, so, I thought of going out for a walk. Meanwhile, I thought if I am going out, then why not stack up on supply in one go. Nice idea, isn’t it?

I told my roommate, “I am going out, what shall I get?”

She told me a few of the cosmetics that she needs and a few other things. I recalled everything, grabbed my wallet, and walked out.

On my way to the market, I remembered that I had to get 10 things, but I had already forgotten 3. Till the time I reached the store, I forgot a few more things. So, I aimlessly looked around the store to recall what I was told to get by my roommate.

Now, you must be thinking why I didn’t call my roommate? I did but she didn’t pick up.

I went back home just to realize that she is about to get real angry at me and I will have to again go to the market.

WhatshalliGet App to Rescue

Luckily, I found my rescue mechanism a few days back. A friend of mine suggested it to me but I ignored at first. Now, when I was scrolling through my chats aimlessly, I found it and downloaded.

I immediately made a group of my roommate and me, and added the things that we need to get.

Although she was still furious with me, I still managed to get out of these situations in future. 

Download WhatshalliGet now.

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